COVID-19 Information for Nashua Stamp Show

Held in the Grand Ballroom (coin show room)

1) Hand Sanitizer will be available at each entrance to the room and throughout the room.

2) Per Nashua City Ordinance, everyone must wear a mask in the parking lot and while loading and unloading.

3) Per Holiday Inn rules, everyone must wear a mask in common hotel areas including the lobby, hallway to the restrooms, restrooms, restaurant, etc.

4) Per MY rules, masks are REQUIRED while in the ballroom. While I am not going to be the mask cop for the day, we are all adults and if you can not or are unwilling to wear a mask (or face shield) all day while doing business, please stay home.

5) The capacity of the room is 100 people. We will be counting all day long. There may be a wait for customers to come in if we are at capacity.

6) There will be one way in and one way out for retail customers. Customers need to enter via the hotel entrance on the left (as if you were going to the ship room) and proceed down the hallway, by the restrooms and into the ballroom. Exit only through the double doors directly into the parking lot.  This will allow a waiting line (if needed) that is inside and out of the weather. It will also allow us control and keep the room under capacity.

7) All customers must use hand sanitizer before entering. Touchless dispensers will be at every entrance.

8) Please be considerate of others when eating lunch or taking a sip of water. Be sure no one is around you or take a step outside or in the lobby.

9) Tables will be 6 feet apart.

10) One chair behind the table, one chair in front. Hotel rules, no exceptions.

11) Tables are double-wide so you will be at least 5+ feet from the dealer.

12) Stay home if you are sick, not feeling well or uncomfortable.

13) Wash your hands!


If you are unwilling, or unable to abide by these rules, you will be asked to leave.

Your cooperation with show management is appreciated.

Revised 8/7/2020